Ignition: The App Store for EOS

A new vision for blockchain applications on the EOS Network. A new way to connect developers and users. We’re ready for the next step: a secure, easy to use interface for decentralized apps. Let’s start something together.

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Parachute is the airdrop system for Ignition

An EOS Dublin Project

The App Store For EOS

All the greatest EOS Applications in one place. Ignition is the next step on the road to mass adoption of blockchain technology. Let’s start something great together.

Airdropsforeos is merging with Ignition

We are delighted to announce that airdropsforeos is merging with Ignition.

Combining our efforts ensures that from Day 1 Ignition will offer dAPPs with translation and localisation services to make their targeted airdrops more effective.

Our vision is for Ignition to be the launchpad for dAPPs to scale globally on EOS.